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Mags Got Some Glitches.


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now i know you guys made a major mag update in 8.3 but i want to discuss a few issues i have been having in game. pull is great but unfortunately i cant pull allies anymore. i know it was mostly a troll move but i was useful for pulling dead allies out of the open so you can safely heal them. now it seems bullet attractor recently gets or has goten weaker. the damage numbers arnt around 300 when full ranked in the later levels so i assume its due to the armor of enemies? but regardless im not worried to much on the damage im greatful that it atleast blows up so i can use it on a new target after the old one is dead. however now that bullet attractor is huge i have noticed that (atleast for shotguns like the boar or other bullet weapons) if im in AOE of my bullet attracted target my bullets just dissapear. they dont hit anything they just vanish and i think the same goes for my enemies that are inside atleast. i just know that inside it things get...glitchey. also it seems the bosses or atleast ruk seems to ignor my bullet attractor and can still shoot me. i'm not to sure but i think these glitches may need to be fixed. last but not least crush, its not glitched but since update 9 and planet levels got buffed mags crush even with a full focus does little to no damage past lv30. none of her damage capable mods can kill much of anything past that lv. (except maybe corpus due to low life and armor but they have the highest lvl cap so its mute). im sorry to ask but perhaps you could up the base dmg? most attack frames pack way more dmg than she does.

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