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Strange Reward Need Help Identifying


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Ok, so I was just playing a defense mission on Valefor and on wave 10 we got a reward for something called "Ancient (Something)"


It looked like a mod but with a platinum boarder, It had Excalibur on the front doing stuff. To be honest I didn't look that closely because I figured I could view it after the round ended. It gave some sort of buff for infested, I remember the number 7.5 showing up twice. Again I didn't look super close cuz I would view it later.


Went to check my mods after the match and poof it's gone, checked my inventory and nothing, checked blue prints and nothing.


I've checked the Wiki, scoured google, checked the official forums and don't see anything close to what I saw.


Can anyone tell me what this thing was or have had a similar experience?

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