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Naga (Sedna): Armory Depot Discovered - 50M - 3000Cr - Frost Helmet (Blueprint)


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My UI is saying that this is an Infested Raid mission. After entering the game, it's turning into a Grineer Assassination mission (Tyl Regor, to be specific, renamed as Grineer Electropod). I completed the mission, anyway, and didn't get the Frost Helmet BP.

So, yeah. DE, something's broke, and I want my Frost Helmet BP.

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Luckily I only completed the mission once.  After seeing it change to Grineer Assassination again I just went "Aw hell no" and came here to make this post.


EDIT: Naga (Sedna): Enemy Operative Located - 51m - 4200cr

I think I found the problem.

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