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Crashes/bsod Since U9 : Solution?


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My own advice to everyone crashing since U9:

REINSTALL the game!


I had crashes and BSOD since U9. I even couldnt stay iddle in my inventory after 9.1.X

One week of discussion with support (as useless as always, they keep asking for config and dxdiag even if the info is in your first post)) helped in nothing.

I uninstalled, manually deleted all folders related to warframe, cleaned registry, rebooted

Then, reinstalled.


Now, it works fine,

I have no crash/freeze/bsod.



I will give the few other steps needed:

Update your drivers. ALL your drivers!

Update DirectX

Update Windows!

Run AV software, clean system caches (cleanmgr, ccleaner), defragment hard drives (not SSD!)

run as admin: sfc /scannow (will scan for windows system files and redownload damaged/modified ones. its a windows tool)

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