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FIX: Random crashes on Direct X 9


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If you get an error like this in your crash logs:

Error [info]: Assert in Dx9Texture::PreLoadTexture(): (mDevice->CreateTexture ( biasedWidth, biasedHeight, mipCount, 0, format, GetPoolForInstance(i), &mInstances.mD3DTexture, NULL )) [Dx9Texture.cpp:4277]


Seriously, its that easy!

Enable Direct X 11 in your launcher and set all ingame graphics options to low, including texture memory.

ive got 64bit support enabled, for me that works, could be different in your case

I used to get crashes every 5 minutes, making Warframe unplayable. So i stared at my logfiles till they ran away crying and checked all the hardware and tried all the options.

My system: Nvidia graphics and 64 bit system.

Please tell me if that worked for you with that particular error!

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