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Limit Of Two Clan Halls


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I know that with update 9.2.0 we are supposed to have the clan hall available for building, and that was indeed the case when I built our second clan hall, but I noticed that I can't build a third hall anywhere, despite definitely having enough room to build it.


I hope that the limitation is not intended and we'll have the ability to build our dojo as huge as we like in the future, despite being only a small clan.

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Additional 200 capacity not enough? What are you guys building?! O_O


IMHO that's more than plenty enough for a Ghost Clan, it'd only be logical for further expansion requiring you to upgrade clan tier.


Allow me to clarify. We already have everything we need in our dojo, so if the one clan hall limit is working as intended, then I can deal with it from a purely functional point of view. However, the 9.2.0 patch notes did not mention any limit at all, so I assumed we could build as many as we like. With that in mind I wanted to restructure some parts of our dojo into seperate areas and build a central hub, from which I would like to have 4 clan halls, one in each direction, serving as an entry to a specific area.

As of now there would only be reactor, research and competitive areas, but the other hall would be reserved as an expansion point for new room types in the future.

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