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Banshee > Which Helmet?



I got the new helmet recently and i have the old one, simply put one gives extra energy while the other gives power efficiency.


Problem is, i don't know which one i should pick if i want more uses with my powers.


I have a rank 30 banshee with max flow and maxed streamline, can someone provide a quick math calc to each helmet so i know wich one should i pick?

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IMHO they sound like they'll do the same thing if you have both Flow and Streamline equipped :/

I missed the Chorus alert so I can't check.


Personally I'd rather have more efficiency, because then I'd maximise what power I have available instead of just being able to hoard more power that I'll burn through anyways.

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I see  power efficiency is easier to calc now, in case anyone needs this.


With 10% more energy i have 465 energy, with streamline that is 465 / 18 (sonic boom cost) = 25.8333 uses


With the new helmet that is 40% efficiency, that is 450 / 15 (sonic boom cost) = 30 uses


Chorus it is then.

Thanks anyway.

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Banshee base energy is 225 at level 30, so you get anywhere from 15 to 22.5 energy.

With Power efficiency power cost is reduced by 10%, meaning you save anywhere from 2.5 to 10 energy per cast, depending on power.


It isn't calculated from level 30, its always calculated from unranked level 0. 

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