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Defense, Guard More Important

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I was thinking about, something to game be more fun, more action and tactics I just love close combat fighting.
Maybe make guard button with melee weapon to be more usefull. Cancel to guard every time you want no animations waiting because it will be very important to cancel immediately in any time, that same with dodge (press shift)
The guard with melee actually I'm think it's make a 50% less damage you take.
From bullets it's ok to take 50% less damage, but from melee attacks doesn't.

-Guard with melee should absorb 90% defense from melee attacks (for not allowing  to shield recharge)
-In all melee weapons the last attack will make push opponent back, for no instant spam melee attack (but he will still guard)
-There will be a problem with fangs and some other fast weapons because they will quickly cancel combos to guard and reset combo to don't make last hit to push back opponent with guard, so to repair that problem, just when somebody will stop guard there will be a 1 second duration(the animation of hiding weapon) that if someone will hit by melee weapon just will be staggered.
-If someone will guard against charge attack will be staggered.
-To cancel stagger you must do a dodge (press shift)
-To block jump attack you need to hold crouch button and guard button (giving the air push effect to look like guarded a powerful attack)

and ofcorse give the all type of monsters some special attacks that the guard will be very helpfull.
Example: new infesteds that will make jump attacks.
greeniers changed attack, do a kick that will make you fall, can be guarded (guard push back).

-New melee attack. while crouching press attack to do attack from down to up, making opponent fly.
-Air recovery, while get kicked in the air press spacebar to recover in the air (able to use jump attack and defense).

When the two attacks will hit at the similar time, the both players/opponent will be pushed back.

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Not sure I agree with everything there, but I do see some things there I'd like to expand on.


Being able to counter a melee attack with a guard I think would be nice, but only if you guard the moment you're supposed to be hit.

I also think that guard should be able to be used when knocked down, since the stagger/knock down physics is something a lot of people complain about. While I'm thinking about stagger, I think if one is staggering due to melee attack, guarding should reduce hte chance to stagger, allowing one the chance to move to be able to get out.


I've also had one suggestion told to me that one should be able to use their side arm when a Scorpion grabs you. (In reference to knock down mechanics).

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