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Assassination target have too low amount of Health

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Fighting with hek takes some time, why? Because of his invulnerability state, you need to wait until he open his face or light will be turned ON. And it takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on the squad, and it's just annoying, after this Hek is bringing his Mech and stick to it, and the fight with him ends in 7 seconds :/ even on Kuva Flood or sorties where he have 100 level
The same is with Lech Krill, His invulnerability state is the worst, you can fight with him for several minutes, and when he finally go to fire state the fight ends in 4 seconds, talking on Kuva Flood or sorties where he have 100 level.

Buffing their health just like that would be a problem with lower rank players, so please change health scaling. Lower Hek health with invulnerability state when he fly around by HALF or make him get out of invulnerability state more often, but boost his health by 5-10 times at level 100 while in Mech when he can't be invulnerable to damage, the same to Lech Krill.

And cut slowing effect on bosses less effective, Ice Wave impedance or Nova with molecular prime can make bosses almost not moving at all, which takes difficulty out. The slowing effects should on them should be lowered by half. Example, if Ice wave slow enemies by 66%, assassination target should be slowed by 33% but should work on ell enemies, like Jaggernaut, stalker etc.

Video proof that some assassination targets are too easy to beat with slowing powers: 


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They should scale health depending on the MR of the player and his equipment. Like, seriously, as you said, some fights are a joke, specially those without invulnerability. Opticor pretty much 1-shots any 'Boss' and the Tigris, Dread and Vaykor Hek aren't that much slower either,

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17 hours ago, bad4youLT said:

problem isint what its low on health but its to easy to cheese


Also take anyone really experienced in the game and we can tell you how to cheese any boss likely with just the frame. Hek is kind of a special case due to all the above mentioned reasons, but even if you tacked on double his health I could still cheese him about just as fast. Honestly, his upgrades need upgrades. Kind of surprised he isn't the typical triple stage boss fight in all honesty.

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Bosses don't need more health, they need stages, weak points and - most importantly - increased variation and added abilitites for high level variants (sorties, and then maybe level 40-60 variants that could show up in alerts).

Think Horizon: Zero Dawn, like Jackal functioning something like a Deathbringer, maybe, for those of you who played HZD. Imagine that after knocking Jackal down the first time you wouldn't be able to that again right away, instead you need to lure it into firing at you (parkour around the edges!) to cause it to vent heat so you (or teamates) can shoot at exposed vents, and if it over heats enough, the vents pop out and you can hit them for massive damage. Maybe when Jackal gets ready to stomp, these big hydraulic rams on this legs will pop (with a nice noise and visual queue to let you know), and that's the moment you can shoot the legs to knock it down again. The missile launchers would be another weak point, when they are exposed just before launching. Also, different components should be able to be individually destroyed.

As has been said, just increasing health is too easy to cheese, and invulnerablity phases are just cheesy. We need bosses that are tough, but that are vulnerable in ways that make us feel like we are always doing something. If we can get that, then long fights would feel a lot less boring.

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