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My Idea On How To Make Rare (Yet Necessary Items) Available, But Not Common.


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Here's my approach.


Every item like, orokin catalyst/reactor, etc. should have very own unique system.

A system which entirely consists of nightmare missions and is quite linear.

Also it should be 30+ level.


But here's the catch, the desired item drops only on the boss planet, which is on the end of the system.

And the system re-locks entirely after each run.

So each time you need the item, you need to run through entire system, the drop is guaranteed but you can't really grind it.


Just dropping this here, feel free to agree/disagree.

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They'd have to make all of the enemies lvl100+ at the very least, otherwise I could probably farm up about 10 each of these items a day if I had a proper squad

Thing is, we're already framing more than 10 a day. Implementing this would just limit how efficiently we can spam the bosses.

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