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Suggestion For Trinity's Link


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I used to play Trinity a lot before I got Rhino.


I just noticed that her Link now cannot target an ally and put damage on them.


That's not a bad thing because it prevents trolling etc, however, I think that allowing Trinity to target an ally that attracts enemy aggro would help with damage overkill. Here's how it would work.


Trinity targets an ally (such as Rhino or Nyx) who can taunt everyone (or is just a player who likes to jump into melee combat). That ally gains the benefits of Link instead of Trinity herself, such as redirecting damage to the closest enemy for x game meters for x seconds. 


This potentially allows Rhino or Nyx to reverse-tank more damage onto enemies, and as Rhino attracts all nearby aggro using iron skin, it looks like a great synergy.


It also allows Trinity players to choose to use sniper rifles and other support weapons if they'd rather not be straight up in the enemies face, trying to attract aggro.


This does not mean that Trinity wouldn't be allowed to target enemies anymore to save herself, but the ability would be able to target both allies and enemies with different effects.


I honestly don't know how broken this could get, so please be constructive.


Feedback would be appreciated.


Tl:dr Make Link have separate functions based on the target. If an enemy is targeted, Trinity is protected. If an ally is targeted, that ally is protected.

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