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How Buggy Is The Dojo Obstacle Course?!?


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List of Dojo Obstacle Course bugs:


Can't activate console when someone is in.


Can't see other clan members when more than one is in the room.


Can't activate console (no option to press x)


Console disappears sometimes when someone is on the course.


Can't wall-run the first wave of obstacles (the 4 blocks that rise up).


Sometimes all 4 blocks rise up at once, preventing any further progress.


There may be other bugs but I gave up at this point and /ragequit.



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We had similar issues. Host could run course with no problem, but non-host got all 4 barriers raised and could go no further. Tried this several time, with different hosts, got the same issue every time. We also had a timer issue, with it not showing through the course, but showed a completion time at the end.

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I don't have a video of it, but you can get around them. It takes practice and patience, but a jump-slide with good timing and aim will allow you to get around the pillars. You have to jump off the map, aim for the landing on the other side and slide. I'm still not very good at it, but lots of folks make it look really easy.

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