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Network Issue - Cannot Connect To Specific Hosts.


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I've encountered a problem with certain hosts, for example while connecting to two specific people who are hosting in my clan, where I receive the message 'Connection to host was lost, returning to multiplayer...'. I usually have no lag with other hosts from the same areas or internet connections as them, as I can easily connect to a host from the same area with around the same connection. (One host with 100/100 fiber works fine yet I cannot connect to the other one).

So, I've forwarded all the ports related to warframe, 3960-3965 and 4950-4999. I've allowed all applications to do with warframe in firewall settings, along with the ports to do with warframe, I've set ping to unlimited and made sure I'm in the same region as the people I usually try to connect to. I have an internet connection of around 7 down and 1 up. The problem seems to be fairly random from my limited experience of online play, as around 25% of the hosts I find, I can't connect to. The person who I cannot connect to also has the ports forwarded and warframe allowed in firewall. The analyze network tool shows that 'All systems are nominal' on both my, and the hosts end.

From what I've tested, the person who I cannot connect to as host, doesn't have any problems connecting to other people or hosting for other people so the problems are isolated to me, I assume.

From what I can see, the problem is either through bad net code, or just something stupid that I might have missed with ports, however, I've tried to fix this for far too long whilst other people had no trouble at all with this without doing much.

I should be able to check whether it is my ISP or not after some time, yet I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing any similar problems or has any feedback to this problem so I could fix it sooner, hopefully.


I've switched ISP and it seems to have fixed the issue, I assume it was to do with an outdated router model and the relatively new netcode Warframe uses. Good luck if anyone else had this issue.

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