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Star Mapped Zoomed


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Sometimes when I am invited by someone, my star map becomes zoomed in (like Sedna/Europa/Eris/Jupiter/Ceres are out of view), there are no longer any circular rings, and the warframe appears just a tiny bit at the top left of the screen (I am using windowed mode btw - native screen res is 1080 but I have the game windowed @ 1440x900, aspect ratio auto, everything else enabled/high but turned off bloom). Now I am using the standalone client and I noticed this has mostly occured when someone on my contacts that I know is using Steam (I am not able to tell if the others were using Steam but it always happens with these two people on my contacts list, didn't ask the others that gave me the same problem but this is the only thing that may be remotely connected that I could think of).


Other issues include back/zoom out buttons having a delay to appear or sometimes not appearing at all, having to use the ESC button to back out instead but there were times when even that did not work needing a client restart. Warframe view at the lobby also appears to have texture display issues at times with weapons.

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