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Anyone Else Suddenly Get Locked Out Of Making Threads?


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For about 5 minutes I was locked out of making threads, the " start topic" icon was whited out saying " you're not allowed to make topics . It said this on all the feedback threads I tried to look at, only upon logging out and back in did it allow me to post normally.


That's weird, I wasn't left a message or anything on if I had broken any rules, and I haven't posted anything in at least 12-13 hours, so I assume it wasn't a ban of sorts since I now have the ability back obviously.


Upon looking at my icon it was changed, so I might assume DE was changing my Profile information for the forums due to my " Account Reset " I did a few days back, as up until now it showed my previous accounts Banshee icon.



Anyone else get this issue all the sudden?

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Because my stupidity, I even made a support ticket for that. Shortly after that someone gave me the link to the thread where everything is explained. I hope DE doesn't even bother reading my ticket, lol..

Respond to your own ticket, mark it as resolved.

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