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Mobile Defense & Severe Lag (Latency Wise)


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My first post here, so be gentle (And a shame it's because of an issue!)

Since the last few updates (9.1.3-9.1.4) I have noticed my latency has been awful in Mobile Defense games.

I cannot join games without game play pretty much turning into this - 

 and if I host a game, people complain about horrible lag and warping. My frame rate always stays above 50fps when things get hectic.

I've tested several things to see what the issue is. My connection is fine (VirginMedia 60mbit down, 4mbit upload, no packet loss or DNS issues) I tested on both wired and wireless connection and the same thing is happening. I also re-installed Warframe and no go. Weirdly enough it does not happen on any other missions, just mobile defense. Regular defense missions are fine.

System Specs:
Intel i5-3570K (4.4GHz)
Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H
12GB DDR3 1600MHz
AMD HD5850 (stock speeds - Catalyst 13.4)
VIA HD Audio
Realtek Lan 
Belkin 54g USB Wifi
Windows 7 x64

Be interesting to hear if anyone else has been having any similar issues, or can give any advice. I've been pulling my hair out all morning, haha.

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Grineer Asteroid Base Mobile Defense is a bastard to play smoothly, especially with a full party.


Have you tried port-forwarding? Do you have the right region selected? Is anyone else using up the bandwidth?

Sedna - Kappa was the first time I noticed it. I just shrugged it off - host must of had a bad connection. But several games later, and hosting my own, It seems it is me. 

I have the ports forwarded. I tried using all 4-5 ranges the options give and still no luck. I've also disabled uPNP entirely, just to see if that helped or not. Also playing on Europe (Also tried US West, since its only 100-130ms away). And for the most part it is just me using the net.

I just did a defense on Olympus to wave 15 with 3 others connected to me. None had issues when I asked if it was laggy or not.

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