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Time Manipulation Frame (Concept Art Included)


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Suggested names:





Timey whimey wibbly wobbly warry framey

Possible Ablities:

Degradation: AOE DEBUFF

Increases the rate of degradation of enemy armor and weapons at an incredible rate decreasing their defense and damage by a percentage.

Hyper Sync: AOE BUFF

Increases team's reload speeds, fire rates, charge times, and shield recharge rates.

Can be used near cryopod/artifact to increase regeneration speed.

Clock Breaker

Freezes target in time for a short period (Possibly AOE)


Summons an copy of the user from an alternate timeline to assist in combat, dissipates before he can be killed


Creates a preset checkpoint for the user to teleport back to. Dissipates if user leaves range of use.

(can be useful in defense missions)

Time Glitch: AOE ATTACK

Degrades the stability of time around user and causes enemies to be glitched in between timelines taking massive damage.


Causes enemy's timeline to be reversed and forces them to fall out of existence.


Select an enemy to become volatile. The longer they are alive the more powerful the explosion will be.


Freeze time just on the outside of your gun barrel to gather rounds frozen in time, release time to let loose the barrage of bullets.

Wind up: (AOE follows user)

Enemies and gunfire that get near the user will be slowed down significantly.

Stat wise, I imagine him to be fast, not Loki fast but still high up there. Low health and low shields but high armor and a large sum of energy.

Out of these I think Quicksave and Wind up are my favourite.

So do you guys have any suggestions, these are just spur of the moment ideas so any other ideas would be nice.

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I think the clock-belt looks a bit silly personally, but otherwise cool.


Also, how about just an AoE alowdown of all enemies in a radius around the 'frame and allies as a #3 skill? Like group bullet time for Tenno. :D

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We already have a manipulation frame. We call it Loki. ._.


Also, a Doctor Who fan much? "Timey whimey wibbly wobbly warry framey"

just a bit :P



its a cool idea, but the overall idea seems a bit op

Thats why i threw in several ideas rather than a standard 4, and I also would like to see any other time based abilities people may think of to add to the list



I think the clock-belt looks a bit silly personally, but otherwise cool.


Also, how about just an AoE alowdown of all enemies in a radius around the 'frame and allies as a #3 skill? Like group bullet time for Tenno. :D


It has a giant clock on his belly. Giant mechanical clock. On a belly.

How else is he gonna tell time? 

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i guess it could work possibly, its just...the concept of it makes it seem leagues above the other frames. But i won't say its a stupid idea or anything.


me and hiddenkharma have a frame idea of our own, its an air based one.

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  • 3 months later...

Ha, Awesome! Didn't see this post before I posted my one, sorry, so here are my ideas: 

The idea of this Warframe is time and dimension control.

Dimensional access (25 Energy) Similar to... Banshee's sonar + Loki's invisibility

Either a form of stealth or identification, moves you into an alternative dimension with vision like x-ray and become invisible to the enemy. Lasts for 5/10/15/20 seconds


Time Increase (50 Energy) Similar to... Volt's speed
For a limited time everyone's speed increases, not movement, but things like shield regeneration speeds, and cast times. Increases it for 10 seconds by 2/5/8/10. Maybe shot rate?

Dimension Jump (75 energy) Similar to... Nova's wormhole
Similar to a teleport ability, this creates a tear in the fabric of the map, sucking nearby enemies in (10/30/50/100 damage dealt), teammates and finally you. (You teleport to the target location)


Time Bubble (100 Energy) Similar to... Frost's Snow Globe
Makes your character very slow and in a radius (10m?) all enemies are unable to move  (other team mates and sentinels are double speed) and shots dramatically slowed down (matrix style!) for as long as the power lasts, which is 3 seconds first, and then as long as you hold down the key drains at a rate of 10/5/2/1 energy per second, will keep the enemies in place and time energy drained from them, decrease their heal and shield. Other damage could also be dealt. Could be used as tanking ability?

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