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Frost Freeze Idea For Remake


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Frost is a good Warframe, but for only defense and he has one ability that is decent and scales well.


Looking over his first ability we can see its a low costing low damaging stun. This stun is broken by the target getting damaged. As of now Freeze is only good for solo play as online people will shoot it regardless.


A way to change this ability into something good would be:

Remove the damage it does this would be the only negative, its pointless anyways.

Make it a cone type of attack instead of single target, make it like Mags Pull

On unharmed target the stun lats for 5 seconds, if the target is shot, the stun lasts at least a second before being broken.

When broken the target is slowed for the remaining seconds of the ability, its base time is 5 seconds.

MAYBE:While under the effects of this ability enemies take a extra 50 25% damage to health, and 100 50% to shields.


This not only gives Frost more defense but also a supporting ability to help team-play.


EDIT: Maybe the damage boost is a bit to much and out of place, but I feel like he needs more support then just his snow globe which is ether good or bad depending on the situation. The numbers should be tweaked to fit more I guess, Ideas are welcome. Picture its like Nova and her exploding targets how they are more vulnerable.

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Idk I think that freeze should be more of a cone of effect like mags pull and banshees push. And maybe the freeze doesn't break when you attack but lasts like 3 seconds?

I don't really have an idea about ice wave. Maybe make it send out 3 waves instead of one?

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   I like the idea of the cone AoE. Although I agree with whats been said about the damage, this would be a cool change (pun not intended). I had a suggestion I posted for Freeze a few months back and it was just to add a splash cold/slow effect that would occur to enemies near the target. So to clarify, the target would get complete frozen and the baddies around the target would have the same effect that happens when you shoot someone with a deep freeze mod but without damage. Maybe the initial target would be slowed in this way for a few seconds after being freed from turning into a popsicle 

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