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Nightmare Mod Ideas


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I went to le wiki of wikiness and saw that there were only 2 nightmare mods per category. So here are some suggestions of mods that could be added. This is mostly to get the brains goin :D


*NOTE: Some of these are admittedly far-fetched, others are logical and worth looking into. 




Integrity- +5%shields and health (max of 20% each)

Tempest- +5% Power Damage and +2.5% Power Range (DMG max of 20%, Range max of 10%)

Endurance- +8% stamina and +5% run speed (Stamina max 32%, Speed max 20%)

Efficiency- [-2.5% energy cost] and +3% Energy max (Max energy cost 10%, Energy max 12%)




Unload- +7% Damage, +10% ammo maximum (DMG 28% max, 40% max ammo)

Automatic- +2.5% Fire rate, +8% reload speed (10% Rate max, 32% reload max)

Cryo Pierce- +10% Ice damage, +10% armor piercing (40% max each)

Multiplicative- +2.5% Multishot, +5% reload speed (10% max multishot, 20% max reload)




Trigger Finger- +5% fire rate, +10% ammo maximum (20% fire rate, 40% ammo max)

Scorch- +10% Fire damage, +2.5% base damage (40% max fire, 10% max base)




Razor Edge- +7% damage, +2.5% fire rate (28% dmg max, 10% rate max)

Lethal- +5% charge damage, +2.5% charge speed (20% dmg, 10% speed)

Dive Bomb- +5% slam area, +5% slam damage (10% max area, 20% max dmg)

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Fragor with expanded AoE strike? Yes please. I've always wondered if DE was gonna add a Fire Rate + Damage mod to the secondary and melee slots.

Here's an idea for a frame mod that I've always wanted:

Propulsion: +10% speed & distance to sliding and slide attacks. (maximum +30 or +40%)

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