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September: A month of solidarity.


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Help us support those with Leukemia.

This September we're introducing an item to the Warframe community that tells a story.

A wearable orange ribbon - signifying Leukemia awareness month - will be given to all players with the option to equip it and show support in game.


Cancer is a devastating disease - even more-so when support is unavailable to those suffering. At Digital Extremes we've committed to learning everything we can about helping those with Leukemia as it is a cancer that has hit very close to home.

This month we're asking you to show your support and spread awareness about helping organizations support those with Leukemia. Wearing this ribbon will do just that.
If you're able, we're also setting up a DE team for the Light The Night Walk on October 14 in our hometown of London Ontario. As a company we are matching any donations made to our team.

Tenno, we ask you to consider supporting one of our own however you can. Your Harmony Ribbon is waiting for the month of September in-game and will be removed when September ends. All you have to do is log in starting September 1st at 11 a.m ET.

Our team:

Further Reading:

Thank you, Tenno!

EDIT: Due to the overwhelming support of this campaign we are leaving the Harmony Ribbons in-game forever! Every September, new players can login and claim their ribbon to support the cause. We are truly humbled and grateful, Tenno!

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Thanks in the name of all those who are sick of cancer, I am a player in this game and padesco of colum caner, it is admirable that a game will take the hassles of sponsoring or be in solidarity with this type of diseases I came and playing games mucjhos is the first time I see this kind of information, I really thank you on behalf of all the people who suffered this illness to all administrators for taking these annoyance, thank you very much in my name and in the anticacyous society of my country venezuela . unfortunately I can not donate since in my country is very expensive because of the change and as I padesco colum cancer I do not have the resources to be able to do it, but count that one of his players suffer from that disease in the colum I was operated and extracted a tumor in the rectum, where I retired 12 cm from the rectal duct, but in this game and got a way to distract me and so I can lead a more pleasant life by concentrating every day to play and enjoy this game even suffering from a fatal disease com is cancer, again many thanks and greetings to everything, my nick in the game is ComicsbrO, thanks

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This is amazing. My Aunt who raisef me unfortunetly passed from it. Can i please ask for a way of those who donate a certain amount are able to keep the ribbons maybe? Its going to break my heart when this ribbon leaves. I got teary eyed just reading this. Ill be donating either way, but id really love to keep this ribbon. 

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Athough this may be different from leukemia, my mom died from breast cancer last year. Her death anniv. comes this 10th. 

Leukemia is cancer, so is Breast Cancer. Both is cancer, therefore I will wear this ribbon in honor of those tennos who fell as a victim, tennos that perished from this world because of cancer, and tennos who survived cancer.

Kudos to DE! You have my support!

P.S. Please make this permanent. I want to permanently support this.

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