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Hey guys, I'm looking for T3 Capture Void missions I have the following:


Tier 3:

Capture: 1

Defense: 2

Mob defense: 5

Extermination: 11

Raid: 0


Tier 2:

Capture: 7

Defense: 4

Mob defense: 3

Extermination: 20

Raid: 16

Tier 1:

Capture: 3

Defense: 9

Mob defense: 5

Extermination: 12

Raid: 12

Please let me know what you have available - I will be going for the Braton Prime BP which has a 12% drop rate in tier 3 capture. Either PM in game with the number of keys you want to run for capture keys. I will require at least one run of YOUR cap key before you get to use whatever you chose of mine! 
Here is a link to the wiki to look up drop rates by key: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Orokin_Void
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