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Loot Rarity Fix Idea


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Okay, so I know the game keeps track of your pick ups, it says so at the end of each match how many things you have picked up during it, as well as how many mods you get. Somewhere in there i'm sure there is a record of how many of X mod you have picked up, if not it can be added in probably. The idea behind this is to track and see what mods you have picked up and based upon that make other drops a little more likely to happen.


An example would be...say the Seer. Sure, let it be rare, let us have to grind for it, but once we get one part, the "rarity" of the other parts becomes a little less, depending on the part we get. Like say the blueprint drops first, and the other parts normally have a 1% chance to drop, using fictional numbers here, and now that you have the BP, they have a 5% chance to drop now that you have the BP, and then say you pick up the reciever, the barrel now has maybe a 8% chance to drop. This can be tweaked and adjusted for balance needs but the idea is still there.


What I'm getting at is right now certain things will drop and always be the same for everyone. If a resource drops its going to be the same resource for everyone, but in different amounts. If a blueprint drops its the same for everyone, the end reward for a mission is the same for everyone, Get rid of that and have it random on each client like how the mods work. The reason why is to prevent the %drop rate from stacking, that way we don't have a group of 4 people with different parts causing a particular part to drop more commonly, such as two of them have the BP for the latron prime, the other two have the barrel and stock, and then the BP spawns, benefitting those two, but damning the others or vise versa.


Loot should be per player, not per match/spawn. How ever, I do know that doing such would be a bit...processor intense but not really that hard to do and would benefit in the long run. It's kinda depressing when you're running with some buddies and say you have the rhino systems and chassis and need the helmet, but they need they need the systems, and then it just drops nothing but the chassis, which has happend way too often, and then EVERYONE gets the chassis.


On top of this, with the hopefully coming trading system this would increase the want/need for people to trade. Say in a match you run with a friend, a BP drops, you pick it up and get a pistol BP, but he picks up the barrel BP for the pistol, you can then later trade for the part you need.

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As it stand DE already "promised" us a platinum based auction house system for the mods in the last livestream. Also a kind of pawn shop, where you can recycle your unwanted mods for a new random mod.


As for the other drop chance and bp/part trading suggestions? I doubt DE will ever consider anything less than a platinum based broker like with the mods. Otherwise it would probably take too much of a cut out of their profits from market / plat purchases.


In short: drops chances are low for a reason.

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