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Do Platinum Discounts Stack?


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I got a platinum 50% off next purchase discount as a login reward. So, I thought I might as well buy platinum for the first time


It said to login to the warframe sight and it would auto-redeem itself. When I logged in I didn't see any sign that it activated. When I went to the buy platinum page, I saw that it was half off. I talked with my clan to see if it would stack with the discount that's already applied. They said yes. When I clicked buy platinum on the discounted $50 deal, it redirected me to my steam account to buy it. It said 50% off discount coupon and it was $25. However, it said it was discounted to $25 on the buy page.


So I don't know if the page says discounted BECAUSE of my coupon thing, or if they don't stack. And if it's glitched, could anyone tell me? Thank you for your time.

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