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[warframe idea] titanus


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hey guys, i have... an idea for a warframe. its not a suggsetion, its not that fleshed out, its just an idea. id rather like community input before i turn it into a suggestion.

anyway, heres the idea;

name; titanus

description; titanus is a alrge warframe with extreme power, however, to keep his allies safe he locks away his power. only using the pistol until he calls upon his strength, titanus has innate damage increase to all weapons.

type; heavy

role; damage dealing


25 energy; titans armament

- use once to activate long-gun

-use twice to activate melee

- use three times to return to your default weapon

- both last ninety seconds

- you can only use the weapon currently active

- damage for the current weapon is increased by 50%

50 energy; roar

-deals 150 damage to enemys within ten meters around the user

- stuns enemies for five seconds

- slows enemies for ten seconds

-deals double damage against shielded enemies

75 energy; mark of valor

-increase the armor, speed, energy pool, health, and damage of allies by 5% per ally

- lasts ten seconds

100; the pits of tartarus

- creates a dark pit around a targeted enemy

- debris come out of the pit amd nearby corpses are pulled to the pit, spiraling around the edge of the circle and dealing 10 damage per second to whatever is in the circle

- circle stuns for the duration

-circle lasts 10 seconds

-maxium five corpses

-each corpse int he circle increases damage by 5

-damage is immune to damage reduction and armor reduction

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