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Single Target Damage Warframe (idea)


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I had an idea for a new warframe. It would involve the heavy use of melee weapons and acrobatics.

1st Power - 25 energy

The frame throws a small projectile, with an animation like the shuriken. Sticks in target and detonates with an electrical shock. Deals low damage (25-75 with upgrades) and stuns the target for a short period of time. During this period, melee damage inflicted to the target will always be critical. Base stun is 1.5 seconds, and increases by .5 seconds each upgrade.

2nd Power - 50 energy

Using melee weapon, stabs (sword), jabs (staff), double handed punch (fists), or thrusts forward with fragor or scindo. Deals high damage, 250-500 or so. Upgrades increase range and damage.

3rd Power - 75 energy

Like Rhino's Radial Blast, smashes the ground and deals damage. However, with this power the frame jumps and does the 'kamehameha' move towards the ground. Blasts high air pressure down and out, throwing enemies back. The closer the enemies are to the center of the blast, the farther they are blown back. At the edge of the blast, enemies are just knocked down instead of pushed back. Upgrades increase damage slightly and increase blast radius and force.

4th Power - 100 energy

This is a grapple. The frame rushes forward, and using its melee weapon, knocks the target so it is facing away from the frame. With the enemy's back turned, the frame forefully shoves his melee weapon through the target's body. The base damage is 1000, with upgrades increasing damage. Each upgrade also adds a new part to the attack animation. After stabbing the enemy through the stomach, you slam your weapon on their head, and then kick them away from you. I'm not sure how many upgrades there are for the abilities now, but it could be pretty open ended. Think of (if you play SMNC) the Assassin's grapples. Something like this.

I don't know if these abilities would fit the Warframe combat, but I thought it would be interesting to have a huge single-target damage warframe.

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Single target stuff is pretty pointless when you already have guns... why take all that effort jsut to kill one guy when you can headshot it in a fraction of the time?

Because some people take more than one headshot.

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Even a few headshots = faster than this. Single target frames would simply be inefficient.

The only power I think you could be referring to would be the fourth. At most it would take three seconds to complete. How long does your headshot method take?

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Power 1:

It's already fast to kill single targets with melee. In the time it takes you to aim the power, fire, and move in close, I could have run in and started hitting them. They're dead so quick it's pointless to speed it up.

Power 2:

A single target version of Excalibur's dash that can kill dozens of mobs if lined up right? Pretty UP sounding to me...

Power 3

Rhino stop re-imagined = seen it before. I'd rather see frames with entirely new powers, not variatiosn of the ones we've seen. Still, we know it works so this would be okay in terms of working, it's AOE so not wasted on a single target.

Power 4

Far too much effort/cost for one target.


Again; single targets die FAR too quickly for an entire frame to be focused on them. The only eneies this would be usefull for would be heavies, but buildign an entire frame for heavies alone seems pretty wasteful. And since other frames have skilsl that deal with heavies AND multiple squishies, it seems pointless again.

Just doesn't suit Warframe.

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Building a Frame for Heavies is pointless. Several other frames will deal huge damage to heavies as well as killing everything in the room for 100 energy, why have a frame that does only high damage to a single heavy?

Ash can walk into a room and bladestorm killing everything in the room and dealing 3k damage to every heavy in that 3 seconds you take to kill that 1 heavy for 100 energy.

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