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The New Grineer Rooms.


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There's one, a fancy circular wallrun challenge-esque turbine or engine room (the one lacking a central platform). I've attempted running across said walls until my eyes bleed, but it's nigh impossible without some fancy glitchy jumping. There seem to be little divots in the wallrun pathing here and there that just stop you. Not slow you down, no, just make you quit moving. And then I fall into somewhere you're not suppposed to, I'm guessing, since it looks a lot like a noclip'd Half Life 2. I'm not sure if it's just the interaction of Nova's particular legwarmerness with the walls, or that antimatter and matter don't get along, but it's getting annoying (since I'd like that Brokk Hammer skin from the current Everest alert).

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If I understand you correctly, this is the new map with the large cylinder-shaped black towers in the room - very crowded with machinery. You have to jump on top of one and to a side walkway and then parkour in a semi-circle, jumping onto the next, higher level platform. If this is the same room, it was the one used for the alt. Ember helmet alert a few days ago. I'd never seen the map before and like you, was parkouring my self crazy. Finally figured out the trick and then fell into outer space. No Ember helmet, but a lot of frustration.


I know the DE's are looking into these areas, but a little bump on the priority list would be VERY much appreciated! :-)

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