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[Suggest] Really Want More Ping Limit Select


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My connection very hard to find a game at 400 ping

even i try all region and a new forma alert mission

at 400 ping

every time i need to change all region and retry more than 30+ times to find a game (forma alert)

at no limit

its easy to find a game but as you know

they are very lag

i need a lot of luck and retry to join a game thats not lag at no limit

please add 500 600 700 800 etc ping limit

thank you very much


P.S. sorry for my poor english

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Upwards of 400 ping and you are getting into some very iffy territory. i don't see higher options as being that useful as you'll either be lagging so badly you won't be having fun, or you won't be contributing much to the rest of the group.


I would suggest finding players in your geographical area and friending them all, so you have a pool of people who will have acceptable latency.

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