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Tell Us What The Alert Items Are


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The game shouldn't have a "?" when there is an alerts. Everybody in clan chats an region chats ask, which can get a bit annoying.

It would be better if the alerts just said what they drop so that people don't have to ask

What's the point of not telling us the item ingame?

We already have these...




...and a few more alert websites.

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It's to get massive following for their Twitter pages, and get constant AD revenue... Haha.



you cant monetize twitter. 




I have wondered the same.


P.S. F*** Twitter.


twitter is a very good social network.




I do like the idea of having an ? as the alert reward. You sometimes just want to guess wats inside it to try your lag. I do like randomness.

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i dont really mind having to check twitter. i have the page bookmarked so its easily accessable. besides 90% of the time i have the wiki open so i can see the twitter feed there too. id rather have DE spend time on more important things than this like blocking or the mod/arsenal UI

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