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[Suggestion] Outdoor Tilesets - Infested Jungle.


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It's dark and raining constantly... The sound of clapping and dripping water, as it runs down leaves and the canopy of the jungle. The trembling fear of something passing unknown creeps rises. Heading deeper towards the objective, the appeal of the wondrous vista tuns into a facade. The overgrowth of the infested took the beautiful aurora of life, and turned into a horrific state of humid despair. Entering the compound was dark and unsightly. The rooms were littered with spores, lining the ground and floor. Splotches of unknown liquid slowly ran along the walls and emanated eerie glow to them...

[End of Visualization/Imagery]

That is an idea for one of many possible tilesets for Warframe. We have an outdoor tileset currently, and that is the snowy over-looking cliffsides that the Corpus brings. We're also getting a Grineer tileset that looks very dry and desert like. Adding to this theme, Infested jungles. This would add the more exotic factor, and I would suppose horror aspect to not only the Infested, but to the mission world space as well.

The only problem I would see is it could be somewhat taxing on older systems (like mine for example), But knowing DE, they will find some work-arounds. As well this game isn't like Crysis, where if you run it on an old rig, it doesn't utterly destroy your desktop PC.

Other than that, I'd love to see an open-world space like this. Seeing what DE could do with this.

Thanks for reading, and discuss.

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