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Doors Picking People Up


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So in the last few weeks it frequently happened to me that doors were literally picking me up.

Due to joining an online game, the game has of course some lag and things in the map don't react as fast as they should - and so do the doors. So when I was going quickly through the map, it occurs at some doors, that it opens up when I am directly in front of it. Especially the large flat doors that can be found in the cave like maps and the grineer ships tend to take me up with them as they open, causing me to be above the map. Happened to me just today in Eurasia.

Sometimes you can manage to unstuck yourself but this time, when I ran around a bit to get down to the regular map, I flew out of the grineer ship and fell down again, again and again.. After like 3 minutes of constant falling, the game decides to finally kill so I can respawn in the regular map.

So doors lifting me into places where I shouldn't be has occured a few times and I guess you should look into it a bit.

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