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Base Weapon Stats Need To Show The Before/now/after Stats Of Mods


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This was mentioned many times during CB, but was never changed, and that was when we viewed our weapons base stats, even after modding them, they still remained the same, i.e dmg 30, crit 7.5, clip size 30, etc. 


I personally would like to see the changes a mod does to a certain stat after I put in rather then just looking at a mod that says "2.5% critical chance".


Something like how Blacklight: Retribution does it where each attachment for your weapon will show what stats get increased, decreased, or stay the same Vs. the current attachment of the same type you have on your weapon. Not a major game change by any means, but it would be nice to see the game work the math for you instead of having to do it yourself everytime you increase a mod and too actually see your weapons base stats improved over it's original after adding mods rather than, put this mod in, weapon gets stronger, ok that's cool, but I wanna see the weapons stats actually change to display its new stats after adding the mod.

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