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After playing this 2 days in im in love with this game and this clan will be the best for me can i join :p

IGN: bugaman

You sure can. Register at outlawstar.enjin.com

Be sure to add your ingame name to your forum sig at our site.

Edit: In game invite sent

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I'm not able to register on the site for some reason. I click submit and it just refreshed the register page.

Hmm. I'll look in to it.

Did you type in the 2 word "human authenticator" at the bottom of the register page? Also, did you fill in all of the fields? If you did both of those things, I would try again in a little while. Maybe maintenance time.

Let me know.

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Well, this clan seems nice enough, and this game looks like one that I'll be sinking some time into over the next few months. I've been getting frustrated with trying to play with guys who sprint off and end up activating cameras, dying, and whining when I can't revive them, so joining a clan with a teamspeak server seemed like a good idea!

I've submitted an application on the website already. I'm an university student, so I mostly play on weekends and evenings, Pacific time. That won't be an obstacle to joining, will it?

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Well, after playing the game alone for soooo long, a clan should make things more interesting for me.

Little bits about myself, I'm a college student majoring in Philosophy.

I play whenever I can as long as I'm not hitting the books.

IGN: Fungi

-Signing up on the forums now. :x

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I want to joina clan for this game don't want to farm and lvl up by myself

High School Student tons of free time

IGN Nylex

2nd favourite anime, sounds pretty good

Portuguese player, IGN - Jints

Bring me aboard fellows

Nylex and Jints,

Invites have been sent in game and are now pending your acceptance.

If you haven't done so yet, please register at outlawstar.enjin.com.

Welcome to the clan!

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