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Suggestion: Playing As Lotus\mission Support


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What if we had the option when playing with at least one other person to fill the role of the Lotus as the Tenno's mission support?  Being able to detect enemies in the next room and call out in coming reinforcments.  Also, being able to unlock the security system when an enemy soldier put it on lockdown so the Tenno can focus on fighting, or even being able to manually initate the lockdown to prevent being swarmed with reinforcments.  Fixing hull breaches, pinpointing enemies, interfering with security cameras and so on.  MS would be given a full screen version of the Tenno mini-map, being able to interact with it by placing markers maybe being able to highlight enemies giving MS a total number next to the map, with a smaller camera in the corner of the screen to look through cameras or see through the other player's perspective in the field.


I'm unsure of what rewards this should yield if implemented other than credits and perhaps mods based on how much support you actually provided during the mission and for the completion of the mission.


What are everyone else's thoughts on this?

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