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"defense" Getting Really Old--More Variety In Mission Types Needed


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We desperately need something different besides defense-style missions, as it's becoming boring and stale after several months of playing. The recent addition of vampire mode is a step in the right direction but that's not really a different type of gamestyle, it's just an extra objective added onto existing mission-types in Nightmare.


I've got about 25 or so suggestions, but there have already been hundreds of threads with specific suggestions on how to create entirely new modes for Warframe and I won't re-tread old ground in that regard.


But Defense is becoming passe and has now been done to death, it's time for one of those big changes, the wild swings of direction writ large as mentioned by De_Steve in the last livestream when he mentioned one of his favorite game designers. We need something different besides more variations on same-old same-old Defense.


Even just one new mode would be better than nothing, but we really need two or three more to mix things up and remove that stale defense feeling.


It's strictly my opinion of course, and I know many people enjoy Defense-style games, but for those of us who never liked it very much in the first place it's starting to become a thorn in the side of an otherwise awesome game.



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