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{[ Suggestion ]} Universal Polarity Slots Through Forma.


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Hello. I'v already created a mod layout for my warframe and weapons of sorts, and this will cost me about 15 Forma * maybe about 3 or so less from my warframe if I included the newest Aura buffs to my charts. This leaves me with a strict setup due to my forma options unless I choose to level up and change that slot again *less-so for warframes due to the auras, they have a lot more room for customization now*


Considering in the future we may be getting self-created Loadouts, why not create a " Universal " polarity that can only be achieved by using Forma? A " Universal " Polarity acts the same as any other polarity, reducing the cost of Modification Energy by 50%, but of course with-out the downside of the 25% increase in cost from a differing polarity, due to there not being one, and working with ALL types of polarities available.


With this being superior to adding just 1 polarity type, you can always increase it's cost in Forma in an attempt to balance it, instead of the typical 1 per slot, a " Universal " polarity would cost 4-5 Forma to achieve, still giving players the option of having a slot they know they might need and only using 1 polarity type, or paying up a larger sum in Forma for a slot more useful for varying loadouts or new mods in the future.


Also adding in that this option SHOULD NOT be available to Warframes, as they have far too much room as it is with this newest addition, and should be kept using the regular forma options, while only Weapons and Sentinels should have the " Universal " option.


Maybe instead of a huge forma cost increase as I listed above , make it cost only 2-3 Forma, but requires that the weapon/sent be reset to 1 as normal, but also require 200% MORE EXP to reach level 30 again, meaning those whom want to really achieve a goal of a perfect weapon to have to work harder than using just a normal forma slot.


These are just a few ideas of mine, i'm interested on others opinions on the subject itself, and how they may implement it to be an optional choice for those whom have the time and resources to do so. Post away!

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My reactions:

Universal polarity slot? NO.

Cost more forma? eeeehhh ok maybe


Doesnt work on warframe? idk what...what are you doing?

Takes 200% more exp to level to 30? Now im just confused


As a player that has gathered nearly all the frames, I havent forma'd any of them. 

Partly because I have so many to play, and partly because im scared theyd releasea  prime version of the frame I polarize


I feel if you want to dedicate that much time into leveling a weapon over and over and over again to achieve that kind of build, more power to you.

But I dont think anyone should invest that much into such a new system. Remember its still beta, and things CAN change


All in all, I dont know how I feel about this idea

its interesting nonetheless

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