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Make Use Of Energy Color On Weapons


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Well, we have the ability to change the color of our powers with our Warframes, why not our weapons?


Personally I think it would be cool to see an asthetic like that for our weapons. Colored tracer rounds.


It wouldn't hinder the game more than it is now, just something visual like with power colors.


If you're not familiar with what Tracer Rounds are, they allow the bullet trajectory to be seen at all times. Fast, but very very cool. Here's an example video.



Not tracer rounds, but same effect done with incendiary rounds.


Another way to benefit the use of this would be to allow it to be used with melee weapons, since if not all melee weapons have some kind of effect upon swinging/punching/throwing. Most of the time when it comes to the energy of a weapon, I can't even see it unless I really look for it. As an example : Reaper Prime. There's only a dot on the handle of the scythe that shows its energy color. Being able to add the color of the energy to each swing? Would be awesome.

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Problem is, with most weapons it wouldn't be noticeable, except bolt/thrown/beam weapons and Dera. Everything else just travels too fast.


EDIT: Also it already applies to bows so for the types I mentioned I don't get why it doesn't already work this way.

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I started levelling the Boltor recently, and its bolts appear to have white tips/tails now. Used to be it was blue, if I remember my preU7 right.


When coupled with its increased projectile speed, doesn't help me with seeing where I put my shots. At all.


Bright pink bolt fletching would be awesome to have.

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Your daughter?

Pfft, I demand it.

Or when I'm doing my solid yellow Excal Prime (Oh god the bloom), I want my max fire rate Grakata to have &!$$-golden tracers.

And why does my daughter's demands not rank equally with yours? Your statement seems to brush aside the value of her opinion to inject yours in its place, rather than placing your opinion on the table with hers. 

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