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Improvements To The Login Reward System


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As it is now, the Login Reward system is... Unfavorable. A few things could be done to improve the system overall.


Take player inventory into account

A player does not need a Banshee blueprint if they already have a Banshee or her blueprint. They do not need experience if a particular item slot is rank 30. They do not need 10,000 credits when they already have a few million. 


Give players a choice

Instead of having a single roll, have three and let the player choose one.


Include components in the roll

Every (non-void) component. Frame parts, standard resources and samples, Orokin Cells, etc. You may also consider alternate helmet blueprints, Affinity/Credit boosters and colour packs.


Treat experience as a consumable

A player might not want the experience for whatever they have on right now. Having a consumable item would allow them to choose where it goes. 


Unique Login Reward items

I'm a tad surprised this one wasn't implemented already, but having items that can only be obtained through login rewards would encourage further participation in the system. Unique helmets, colour packs and sentinel parts may be some things included in this.

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