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Epimetheus - Orokin Reactorbp Alert - No Wave Count, Cant Finish


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The following Alert caused an impossible to complete situation::


"Epimetheus (Saturn): Hold Out For Reinforcements - 105m - 7600cr - Orokin Reactor (Blueprint)"


I Logged in after seeing this Alert almost over on the Twiter feed, and joined a squad with a wave in progress. I noticed the minimap did not show the wave number.  We cleared the Corpus mobs but the Wave never finished or show a count and we didn't have a mob show on radar; as a squad member was using Enemy Radar or Sense.


I proceeded to use my Banshee's Sound Quake around all areas of the map for several minutes, as some squad members just left the mission as others were bouncing in as the slots became available.  Usually if its a mob stuck in the floor, the Sound Quake will kill it but we neither saw or hit anything.

Since this Alert was for an Orokin Reactor, it was pretty upsetting to have this happen to several of us.


The Mission::



Check the mini-map area: no wave count or mob on the screen...





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