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So these are a bunch of ideas I have. Many have been built on from other peoples suggestions etc. These are things I feel could work in the game, and was wondering what others thought.


So this one is my ideas for a Void boss effectively being a tier 4 Void key. I thought that on this recent expansion of the Void missions with new modes they could eventually add a Boss. This key would have to be very rare and considering the boss would need drops it could drop the rarer Prime blueprints.Commonly dropping Frost Prime and the weapons and it could have a special piece, a unique Void weapon or Character piece(?)


The idea for the run is that either - 

1) You land on a planet, Grineer or Corpus base around the area (kind of like the new trailer). Fighting your way through the mobs to the Void doorway players then enter a defense part for five or so intense waves. Now with the Grineer/Corpus ground forces removed/dissuaded from continuing the assault the Tenno can enter the Void lair.

Now they fight through the tiles to the 'core'. Here the boss lays, one of the Corrupting Sentinels the Lotus mentions in Void extermination missions. This could have many modes like Vor. Upon ending you fight back out. now the once few Corrupted enemies are reverted back to the original types. Once you're out of the Void you get to the evacuation and leave.

- The main idea for the Tenno intervention is to prevent the Corruption erupting from the core. And the defense part is the kill the enemies to prevent further corruption should they fail. This could either be a defense or extermination, determind to either prevent them or remove them.

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Love this idea! The multi-staged aspect is something this game could really benefit from. I hope they do something similar with out of void missions too. My one addendum would be that the boss only drop from a limited drop pool, maybe even a specific pool for the boss only, because the whole void drop pool is already getting too large to farm. I can make frost prime, latron prime, and reaper prime each three times over if I get the materials.

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