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Hek Vs Sobek



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Hek has better immediate DPS, but Sobek has better Sustained DPS (reload included).

i really like the way u said tht. 

it made it sound like warframes weapons were actually balanced

i really did like the explanation though. 100% true

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What does DPB mean?

I think its Damage-Per-Bullet (I might be wrong, but it'd make sense here).


Granted, technically, I believe each individual pellet of the Sobek deals more damage than Hek, but Hek has nearly twice as many pellets, so it should really be Damage-Per-Shot.

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DPS is damage per second...so you can compare damage over time.

Like comparing a slow fire big bitter vs a fast fire lighter hitter and see what one will take the enemy down quicker.

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Sobek lets you mow down rooms faster, but Hek deals more damage per shot so you'll end up using less ammunition.


Personally, I prefer the feel and sound Hek has, like shooting a cannon. Sobek is just a little boomstick.

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