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Nvidia Geforce Experience...


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GeForce Experience is trash. All it is is a repository for game settings that can apply different "optimized" settings at the click of a button. If you want to change the game settings to get the optimal experience, you really need to change them and tinker with them in game.


The biggest problem of GeForce Experience (especially for laptops) is that the performance of the system isn't just the 'sum of its parts.' How well a system does with game performance relies heavily on how the user interacts with their system; did they do a clean install to remove any manufacturer bloatware? Did they overclock their CPU/GPU to get more performance? Do they kill off unnecessary processes to free up their CPU/GPU to get better performance? Et cetera.


I tinkered with GeForce Experience for all of five seconds before uninstalling it. Why? Because it said my system's (with a GeForce 640M GT) optimized settings for Skyrim was having everything set to maximum (spoilers: a GeForce 640M GT has trouble running Skyrim at medium-low settings. Maximum will set it on fire).

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"optimizing drivers based on gathered statistics"


"I feel it is for noobs who are coming from consoles and don't know much about PC gaming."


So what I can google from it, its basically for those that don't really know how to work with the in-game settings.

Warframe is easy enough, just click like what, 7-8 different buttons? Turn em all off for best performance, Turn em all on for best appearance. The middle ground I guess would be the anti aliasing, lighting, and I don't think color correction does anything.

I think many games already come with a simple "slider" or choice for overall graphics settings (low, medium, high, ultra, etc)

If you computer can't initially handle it, it will like Letter13 said, increase the risk of overheating (and or setting on fire) your rig.

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Good for automatically downloading drivers, that's about it. The settings it suggests for my games, no thanks.


Often it wants to turn off settings that have next to no impact on performance but a huge impact on how good the game looks.

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