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Strangest Bug Ever


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hey just thought I would let you guys know that whenever I try to join a friend's game via join session or invite I seem to always get timed out and I finally connect after I have restarted warframe. You think it would be the end there but no, it happens periodically. It's not a big issue for me but I thought it would be nice to let you know.


There is something else it seems that whenever I try to log in to my clan's dojo I time out whenever someone else from the clan has already loaded into the dojo. The only way that seems to work is if my warframe loads into the dojo first then others can load in when I'm already there. My PC is not even a year old and it has some top of the line tech in it and my connection is fiber-op so there should not be any reason that my equipment is making the game lag, since I have more than enough of the minimum requirements to play the game.


One more thing; I have all the pieces needed to build the Trinity Warframe in the game and there is no selection or page for building warframes from scratch. I am unable to attempt to start the build in the Foundry or inventory. This defeats the purpose of gathering materials for new warframes if there is no page or selection to create warframe with all the necessary parts to build it. I hope this can be fixed sooner rather than later. I would even overlook the previous bugs just to be able to build a new warframe.


Thanks for listening,


Jonah Sudsbury (Volt/Frost/Mag)


PS    I was talking with a friend about how the game can be more interactive and catch the eye of a larger market. We were discussing how all of the latest updates improved the game and the idea of a movie came to mind. We thought it could be the next big blockbuster! Could you imagine a 3D matrix-like curving bullets with epic martial arts could be worth watching. Another idea would be awesome to see in the game is more star-systems that are beyond just our local solar system. It would make the game more in-depth and you could create a purging Grineer like aliens from other star-systems. Maybe even add a clan vs clan battleground for a more complete game! Hope to see more awesomeness in the future Warframe!

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Finally someone with the same kind of connection issues I have. Though mine aren't nearly that bad (I can connect to the dojo).


Connection issues arn't that uncommon in the least. DE's quoted at saying only around 7% of their players report issues (though that was strictly in relation to NAT) - but if you talk to pretty much anyone - they'll know of someone, or have experienced it themselves - a whole host of problems ranging from ye olde NAT related stuff like friends being online, but constantly in 'full' sessions. To being unable to join the dojo because "Dojo data could not be retrieved."


Unfortunately it seems that a lot of these are related to the games current reliance on peer to peer hosting - and the extent to which DE is going to resolve them is: "make sure you set up your router correctly". Hopefully we'll get a proper fix in U10. 

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Hey Kunjiro!


All I can say is "Welcome to Warframe".


We've all been where you're at with the connection issues. It's easy to work around, but not a complete fix.


There are a great many threads and posts on this forum, and a lot of resources elsewhere online.


It's really easy to say all you have to do is forward ports or enable PnP, but it can be challenging to a first-timer.


A lot is very specifically tied to what brand, model & make of router or modem you have you pc connected to and if you're on a larger network.


Portforward.com is a great resource to look into. They list almost all of the specs for almost every router there. There's also a nifty program that can potentially do all the work for you. It's not free but as I remember it's a small fee for a lifetime sub. I use it because it's too much work for someone my age to deal with setting up all the ports for all the different games I usually play. And my gear and net speed are not quite a shining example of  the latest tech.


As for your problem, well as I often say "your mileage may vary"  But I've helped many people in my Clan sort out network problems with this game, and many folks in the similar situations with other games. It can't hurt to check it out and then at least you'll know the problem's not on your end, right?


Good luck & Good Hunting!


-ojd- Warlord: "Chi to Meiyo"
{Blood & Honor.}


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