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Osprey And Grineer Hit Registry


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I was playing among corpus and Grineer, and I noticed several times, with my Lex, Paris, Kunai, Braton, MK-1 Braton, or any other weapon including melee, my bullets and blade would pass RIGHT through the enemies, Sometimes they would pass through the chest, with No damage what so ever, or even an effect. Typically I notice this alot with the Corpus Osprey, anything from the ones the Fusion Moa spawn, to the shield, Leech, or any other Osprey, it will pass through their wings, their bodies, and it's only when I hit a very specific spot on the Osprey. This happens alot with the Osprey in the Void as well. As for Grineer, I see many bullets and Arrows, and other things, they will pass right through the part of armor sticking up behind their head and on their shoulders with no damage. It's tiring aiming right at the enemy and missing a shot that should of hit. But I hope to see a fix in the future. Thought it should be brought to attention.

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