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Show Polarity Slots In Market!


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ok so i just built Latron, twice the dmg of Braton. Nice right?


Wait, whats this ? ONE polarity slot??


Why does it not tell me this vital info anywhere until I actually have it?


Now im not sure if i wasted alot of prescious rescources. Feel like the game fooled me. The Braton has 4 slots and is the first gun i could get.


Anyone care to explain?

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Sorry for my double posting and ugnorance.

Will read the wiki in the future. I just think it would be nice to see what polaritys a gun have, therefore knowing how much my mods will cost pn it.

Did not mean to offend.

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the Wiki is great and all, but Digtal Extremes knows that currently Warframe gives the player very little information. i'm sure at some point the market and the arsenal, etc - will show the important stats that are missing. 


same deal with the tutorial, they know it needs work, and you can't expect every new player to look for a Wiki if they don't know how to do something in a game.



edit: predefuse - yes, i know how to use a Wiki. and i use it all the time.

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