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Group Of Uk Gamers


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I originally posted this in the "Find a Clan!" forum, until I realised it is probably better suited to this one, since we are not strictly speaking, a clan:


A while ago I set up a UK-based server to host forums, VOIP and any games we should wish to play and I am looking for anyone that is interested to get involved. We have a forum all set up and ready for this brilliant game and hope to lose many-an-hour in it.


This is not a guild or a clan, it is more of a group of friends that share the same love for gaming. As such, there are no requirements or expectations (other than a sense of humour). I simply want to gather a nice crowd together so there is always someone to play with and talk to.


We offer a Mumble (VOIP) server for anyone that wishes to use it, website forums and private messaging. Some of the games we have been playing recently include: Warframe, KSP, Neverwinter, Left 4 Dead 2, Garry's Mod, Alien Swarm, Borderlands 2 and more.


If you are interested, don't hesitate to sign up at http://www.jimbobslimbob.com

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Welcome aboard WHAT!? U WOT M8!?


Where? On what? IMMA FIND YOU!


THIS MEANS TENNO BACON F-Wait...Hold on, if i'm being welcomed...


Then this must mean that 2 + 2 does indeed make 22 points!


Oh mah flippin' space tentacle gerd! I have a 10 point lead on General Vor.


So I have actually won it, I have actually won the entire game!


But i'm not even rank thirty yet (29 and a half). 


I'm not even potatoed, and yet. I have scored a lasagna touchdown.


Without all of my potatoes.


Papa Trinity would be so proud if he could see me now,


but sadly he doesn't possess the 40% zoom that's required to see that i'm currently 20% cooler.


But he'll know, in spirit...*thousand yard stare* In spirit.... 



In short, thanks Jim, thanks Bob and most importantly, Slimbob.


Majestically magnificent Slimbob,You have my gratitude and appreciation for accepting my application.


And thus, upon the turning of another chapter in the history of Warframe, witnesses will ask.



Where were you when a lasagna was touched?










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