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Saryn Apparence And Others.


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Hello everyone, 


I created this topic to talk about the appearance of Warframes especially that of Saryn. Above all it is only my opinion and a proposal, I do not question the great work team. 


I think Saryn needs a visual editing in both the uniform and colors. I propose that the "fabric" spanking her office skirt or robe be enhance the size in order to bring the beauty of Saryn further. Plate on his right leg more exposed to the outside right, so that it is placed parallel to the right side. For collars, smaller to better see the head-between. Finally the back of the neck plates which compose would be better if they would run down. 


In terms of color, I think it would be better to share the best parts more proportionally between the main colors and shades. Except that 3 color tone is perfect. 


I'd also talk about mag which lacks style, a little more depth at the forms that would do her good. 


There is also Nova I found the neck too tall and it also lacks the depth of forms. 


I think the headphones are very well thought such as Trynity, Saryn, Excalibur, Rhino, etc.. But those of Vauban, Frost and Volt are not terrible. 


I thank the team for the momentum they show with regular updates. 


I await your answers ;)

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I think Saryn looks great like she does. The only thing i would wish to change, now that physics affect specific warframe parts, is that her skirt moves while you run, jump, etc. Maybe make it even longer so that it looks more like a ball gown or something which would fit to her concept being "the lady".


Mag looks boring, that is true. Like a fishbowl on a diving-suit.


The headphones ... I dont get it. Lotus seems to speak to us through some built-in device in our warframes. Why use such an ancient piece of tech ? Besides that Mag looks like a hipster with it. But oh well ... Taste is different. I'd wear it for the effect if i'd play Mag at all.

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The only warframe in need of an aesthetic change is Excalibur.


I've posted this before in another thread, but too lazy to copy and paste (I know I'm lazy, don't judge me).




Excalibur is supposed to be the face of warframe. He is pretty much the star. The Mario of warframe. He does this very well in his balanced stats, that allow for high adaptability, and the balance of utility and damage powers. Excalibur is almost perfect.


1 thing stands out on Excalibur though.


Aesthetically, Excalibur is awkward, and unappealing. 


First of all, let me get this out of the way to expose how my opinion is unbiased. 

I am a boy. I do not find females sexually appealing. I do not find males sexually appealing. I try to be unbiased toward either side.

(I do however have a girlfriend, but I don't want to get into that, because its not the point).


Now on to the IMPORTANT PART.


Excalibur is too top heavy. His chest is too big. His hips, and butt do not exist right now. I find this extremely unappealing. He looks ugly, and disproportionate.

I prefer the looks of Hayden Tenno from Dark Sector. His body was slender, and less awkward. His chest was as wide as his hips, which gave him an appealing look, but didn't make him look too "feminine." 

To fix Excalibur, level out his chest, and hips, and make his more slender. Right now Excalibur looks a little fat, like he's in his 40s and forgot to work out in his earlier years, so he's out of shape. That look isn't a good one. A more even, slender look would give him an appealing appearance, and let his body reflect his battle style.

Or, a curved in waist (like Loki's) with wider hips, and slightly smaller chest would make him more aesthetically pleasing, but I would rather him be even and slender. The curved in waist is more of a feature I would expect someone like Loki to have. A slender, smaller Excalibur is so far the best look for him. Again, I point out like Hayden Tenno.

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