Hydroid Prime Update 21.7.0: Status [Coming Sept 18!]

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Sept 16 Status Update:


Update 21.7.0 has passed Cert and is launching Monday September 18th!!!

Thanks as always for your patience :community:


Hey XB1 Tenno! 

The console team has worked at supersonic speeds to put together an interim build that was sent off to cert last night! This Update is a piñata of goodies that includes reinforcements, changes, and fixes from Chains of Harrow Update 21.3.0 all the way up to Hydroid Prime Update 21.7.0. 

Here’s some of what you can look forward to in this update: 

Your Xbox One will be utilizing a new Microsoft feature called “Intelligent Delivery” starting this update, that will save hard drive space from the Warframe download moving forward. The Warframe App will now detect what language your XB1 is set to and will only download the corresponding language files. 

If at any point you decide to switch languages, upon relaunching Warframe you will be told it needs an update in order to download the new language files. 


TennoGen Bundle XII

  • Equinox Insomnia Skin by prosetisen
  • Mag Graxx Skin by Faven_PS
  • Saryn Amalgama Skin by prosetisen
  • Nyx Carnifex Skin by Vulbjorn the Walrus Rider
  • Nova Graxx Skin by Faven_PS

TennoGen Bundle XIII

  • Nezha Devine Skin by polygonmonster
  • Atlas Monolith Skin by Stenchfury
  • Hydroid Graxx Skin by Faven_PS
  • Ash Tsukuyomi Skin by Yatus

TennoGen Bundle XIV

  • Naru Syandana by malayu and Jadie
  • Scapulis Syandana by lukinu_u


  • Arca Plasmor 
  • Arca Scisco 
  • Arca Titron 


  • Arca Chest Guard 
  • Arca Knee Guards 
  • Arca Shoulder Guards 

Arca weapons represent the bleeding-edge of Corpus research and fabrication. This bundle includes the Arca Titron hammer, Arca Plasmor shotgun, Arca Scisco scoped pistol, and the Arca armor set.


  • Quick Revive option
  • A boatload of Hydroid changes and fixes
  • Javlok alt fire changes
  • … and much more! 

We will update this thread with more information when we have it!

Edited by [DE]Megan
coming sept 18!
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Finally, the Atlas skin! I've been pining for this since it was released on PC!

Oh, and some more DEWs! About time we got ourselves a crit/status shotty. Gonna turn Hydroid into a Wave Pool, if you get my meaning.

Can you say RAVE at the POOL?!

Edited by (XB1)Vile Slanders
Me no grammer/syntax

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Very excited to get these new items and skins. Question, is there going to ever be a day were we can walk around the relays as our operators?

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hey Megan a question for [DE] when willl we have Excalibur exaltation skin from chesire he has made a valkr helmet and the coolest ember skin in my opinion, by the way i would like to see that Excalibur exaltation skin and thank you for the update keep up the good work 🙂👍


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Thank you Megan for the uodate, suggestion, Nidus need more costumization,skin,helmet, etc.., is soo behind we nothing the i am getting bored use him with the same skin, please made thst effort.

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