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Crafting Lvl 30 Bolto yielded Lvl 30 Akbolto... with a Twist


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When I finally finished leveling my Bolto, I was pretty dead set on using it to craft the straight-upgrade Akbolto together with an Unranked, fresh Bolto.

And here's the result:


At first, it was displayed as being Rank 30. There was no Skillpoints available whatsoever, but it was fully kitted out.

Receiving it's first XP at the end of a Mission set it back to Rank 3... the level it actually should have by now.

The game now aknowledges that my Akbolto actually should be Rank 3, however all it's skills are already kitted out!

And it certainly feels like it's been kitted out, too.

I haven't actually compared it yet, but I will soon.

I cannot equip Rank 30 mods... a shame I didn't get to test if I could have fitted them before it jumped to Rank 3.

Either way, strange occurences. Additionally, the weapon hasn't received any points for leveling to Rank 3 yet.

I will keep you posted on how this bolto behaves from now on.

Edit: I actually started crafting an Afuris a few hours ago before I found this with the same Rank weapons (Furis 30, Furis 0)...

Let's see what happens.

Edit 2: After logging back in again and using the Akboltos in another mission (again, it's level being correctly displayed), the upgrades get snapped back and I get my normal ammount of points:


I still have my Afuris in the oven for an hour, so let's see what happens with them.

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