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Another Zephyr Rework Idea

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So...Zephyr has been in a bit of a rough spot ever since parkour was reworked.  Tail Wind is comparable to a bullet jump in all but the largest rooms, and can even cause skybox complications.  It also has a name that can make immature players chuckle.  Dive Bomb is a melee slam, but it costs energy, and generally deals less damage unless done from an extremely high altitude.  Turbulence...turbulence is incredible, and SHOULD UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BE WORSENED!  Tornado is fun, but it doesn't really...do much of anything.  Well, that's a lie, it actually has great CC abilities, but I can't tell if that's bugged or not, since enemies hit by it won't get up until the ability's duration ends at this time.  So, here are my ideas for a rework:

Passive: Weightless

Zephyr permanently experiences the "low gravity condition", like she does currently.  However, in addition, she will never suffer a hard landing, can jump and bullet jump an infinite number of times while in the air, and a has +100% aim glide duration.

Would this potentially negate a lot of agility challenges?  Yes.  Does Zephyr already easily negate most of those challenges?  Yes.  I don't see the harm, only that this would be quite fun.

First Ability: Dive Bomb

25 Energy

Zephyr quickly flies in a straight line to a targeted surface, dealing 150/175/200/250 slash damage to all enemies within a vicinity of 1.5/2/2.5/3 meters of her flight path.  No range limit will be in place for targeting distance.  Cannot be used on surfaces not currently visible, and must be used on a surface (no flying off into the wild blue yonder, that's what her passive is for, and attempting to target an enemy will target the surface behind them).  A combo counter, similar to what Slash Dash, Ripline, and Landslide have would be present, increasing damage to 200%, flight speed to 150%, and reducing energy cost to 50% after one cast, and increasing damage to 400%, flight speed to 225%, and reducing energy cost to 25% after two or more casts.  Letting the combo duration run out (base duration 1 second) OR touching the ground will reset the combo counter.  Wall running and wall latching will NOT reset the counter.

Additionally, if her targeted surface is the ground, Zephyr will cause an explosion on impact with a radius of 4/6/8/10 meters, dealing 25/50/75/100 slash damage, with its damage increased by an additive 50% and its range increased by an additive 10% for every vertical meter dropped.  For example, if Zephyr is 20 meters above the ground, Divebomb will deal 1000% bonus damage and have its explosion's range increased by 200%.  Only vertical distance counts, not lateral (if Zephyr chooses to hit a location that is 12 meters away vertically and 5 meters away horizontally, it be amplified by the 12 meter drop, not the 13 meter total distance).  The damage from the explosion will be affected by the boosts from the combo counter, but causing the explosion will reset the combo counter.  All enemies affected by the explosion will suffer a knockdown.  The base damage of the explosion might need to be lowered slightly so that this isn't too powerful, but it would make it more rewarding to use from a high height, and more usable overall.

The goal here is to take the best parts of her current Dive Bomb and Tail Wind, combine them, and amplify them.  Hopefully, this, combined with her improved passive, would give Zephyr a level of mobility that would finally be befitting of our aerial Warframe.  Damage would, of course, be affected by power strength, explosion and fly-by range would be affected by range, and flight speed and combo counter duration would be affected by duration.  The various damage, range, and flight speed multipliers would not be affected by power mods, but would apply after the effect of those mods.

Divebomb Vortex would stay largely the same, but be affected by the range multiplier given by the height of the Dive Bomb.

Second/Third Ability: Anemoi's Grace

25 Energy

Little fun fact: In Greek mythology, Zephyr, or Zephyrus, was a member of the four winds, called the Anemoi.  Zephyr served as the spirit of the west wind.  But anyhow, on to the ability:

Zephyr blows a benign wind through the area, bestowing her and allies within 10/12/15/20 meters with numerous buffs while airborne for 10/12/15/20 seconds.  While in the air, those affected will gain a 40/60/75/90% bonus to reload speed and melee attack speed, a 50% bonus to casting speed, a 100% bonus to aim glide duration, and 3 energy per second.  In addition, allies affected by Anemoi's Grace will gain 1 additional airborne jump when the ability is rank 1 or lower, and 2 additional airborne jumps when the ability is rank 2 or higher (Zephyr does not receive this bonus herself, as she already has infinite airborne jumps).  Zephyr can recast Anemoi's Grace at any time to refresh its duration.  Allies need only be in range upon activation to receive the buff.  They do not need to remain in range to keep it.

The goal here is to give Zephyr a team presence, something that she rather lacks at this time.  Reload and attack speed bonuses would be affected by power strength mods (casting speed, aim glide duration, energy regen, and additional jumps would NOT), duration would, of course, be affected by duration, and the range that allies could be in to receive the buff would be affected by range.

Third/Second Ability: Turbulence

75 Energy

Very few changes are needed here, though this should probably be made into a 1-handed ability.  I'd also like to see Zephyr negate all projectiles that enter the radius of her Turbulence, instead of merely deflecting them around her.  The current system causes Zephyr to still occasionally get hit by deflected projectiles, which is annoying and counterproductive.  I've also managed to get an ally hit by a deflected Bombard rocket, which is not what we want.  I don't want to accidentally troll my allies by protecting myself.  Turbulence is very good, but not overpowered at this time, and should not be negatively affected in any way.  

Jet Stream can stay as is.

Fourth Ability: Tornado

100 Energy

During the casting animation, Zephyr is now surrounded by a whirlwind with a 15/17/20/25 meter radius that picks up enemies (essentially, a very brief version of Inaros' Sandstorm), dealing 50/75/100/125 magnetic damage per tick with a 35% status chance, and dealing 4 ticks per second.  Afterwards, tornadoes will form under the 2/2/3/4 enemies that have the highest remaining health that were picked up by the whirlwind.  If fewer than 2/2/3/4 enemies were picked up by the whirlwind, the excess tornadoes will form under Zephyr.  These tornadoes will chase down enemies at a speed of 15-20 meters/second (or at least, much faster than the tornadoes currently move).  Each tornado lasts 10/12/15/20 seconds.  Recasting while active will cause all current tornadoes to dissipate.  

Enemies within 3/5/7/10 meters of a tornado are pulled into it, getting ragdolled upon contact with the tornado itself.  Enemies in a Tornado are dealt 50/75/100/125 magnetic damage per tick with a 35% status chance 4 times a second, and quickly pulled up to the top of the tornado, with the first tick of damage each enemy takes having a 200% multiplier.  Once the enemies reach the top of the tornado, instead of being ejected, they are held at the top of the tornado, taking continuous damage (this is already the case if an area has a low ceiling, so just making it a feature would be nice).  If a Tenno attacks a tornado with a weapon or ability that deals elemental damage, that tornado's damage will change to the highest elemental damage type on the weapon (if a weapon deals 800 slash, 300 corrosive, and 600 radiation, the tornado will be changed to radiation, instead of the strange hierarchy that we currently have).  Additionally, 5% of all the damage dealt to a tornado by a Tenno is added to its damage per tick.

If a tornado is hit by any part of Dive Bomb, its rotation speed is briefly increased, causing every enemy in the tornado to take slash damage as if they were hit by the part of Dive Bomb that hit the tornado, and giving the next tick of damage from the tornado the 200% initial tick multiplier once again.

The goal here is to amplify tornado to the point where it can potentially deal notable damage if enough shots are poured into it, while also making its CC more reliable and usable by giving it both a brief, instant CC, and a more usable CC over time.  Base damage and status chance of both the whirlwind and the tornadoes, and 200% initial tick multiplier for tornadoes are affected by power strength.  Initial whirlwind range and tornado pull range are affected by power range.  Tornado duration is affected by power duration, but not the initial whirlwind.  Casting Speed will decrease the duration of the initial whirlwind by shortening the animation during which it occurs.  Tornado movement speed is NOT affected by any mods.

Funnel Clouds will be largely unchanged, although the initial whirlwind will still form, and the while the smaller tornadoes will lack the pulling and ragdolling effects of the normal ability, they will maintain the various damage absorption capabilities.

So...how does this sound?  I'd love to hear some feedback.  I will warn you that I do NOT think that Zephyr should have an exalted form of any kind, and especially not an archwing form.  Titania already has that base firmly covered, and trying to give something like it to Zephyr would not provide Zephyr with any more of a niche than she has, perhaps even giving her less of a niche.  Plus, unless Zephyr shrunk down as well (and at that point you might as well just give her a carbon copy Razorwing), navigating some tilesets with a full size warframe with archwing flight would be very clunky.  Even shrunk down, Titania has a tendency to become a ping-pong ball in some tilesets, and things would be much worse full sized.  I'm hoping that her improved passive, improved 1, and new 2 would give her a "flight" style of her own that doesn't need an Archwing supplement.

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