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Puncture (Metal Auger)



Ok - the puncture amount is in meters - 0.1 m at lvl 1 - thats 10cm. Thats more then half the body parts on enemies.


Also regardless of  body part - would it essentially grant 100% armor ignore (since it would penetrate through any armor - nothign has 10cm thick armor)?


Unless everything ingame is on a monster scale (tenno are 5m tall :D) so 10cm would actually be like 1cm in real life.

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As far as I know, the 0.1 means it will penetrate ONCE, like when you see a Shield Lancer, it will render their shields useless, and if you upgrade the puncture mod, 0.2 and above will increase the number of times the bullet/bolt/whatever will penetrate. So 0.2 penetrates twice, 0.3 penetrates thrice, etc.


Quite useful actually, got one before I reset my account, sure it takes up a helluva lot of mod cap, but it's quite worth it.

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Metal Auger works wonders on a Flux Rifle, especially versus infested who clump together.


If you manage to get a few infested in a straight line, Metal Auger can effectively triple or quadruple your DPS (spread over 3~4 targets of course). 


Don't let people dissuade you from using it, it's wicked fun, and if you have a few forma to burn, I highly suggest getting the polarity for Metal Auger on the Flux Rifle.


Metal Auger + Flux Rifle = LIGHTSABER!



Now the details:

Metal Auger doesn't make a weapon ignore armor. The only thing it does is allow projectiles to travel through objects. The "0.x Puncture" doesn't mean it travels for "0.x meters" after it hits a surface. I will explain how it works below.


For example, let's say you have Metal Auger at 0.6m puncture, you shoot a bullet at an object 0.2m thick. The bullet will travel through the object, and will decrement its puncture value by 0.2, making it 0.4m. The bullet will now travel until it hits another object as empty space/air does not decrement the puncture value. It will travel until it hits 0.4m more worth of objects, or until the maximum projectile distance is reached.


In my trials, I have been able to hit a maximum of 4 enemies in a row, though I'm not sure if limbs count as a greater thickness than the torso or not. But for now it seems as though the majority of enemies have a thickness value of 0.2m.

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Metal Auger can be a great mod if you have the capacity to slot higher ranks of it, but it does not give weapons armor ignore properties.


I use Metal Auger (max rank) on my Gorgon (five polarities) and in addition to allowing me to shoot through multiple layers of light cover (windows, railings), or single layers of medium cover, it will penetrate most enemies to strike the ones behind them. In situations where I have columns of enemies advancing upon me, it can easily double DPS. Normally it won't shoot all the way through a Charger, but it will easily go through any Corpus, light and medium Grineer, and the llimbs of an Infested Ancient.

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